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Centre for Urban Governance. Administrative Staff College of India

Brief description:

This programme was established in the year 2008 and aimed to encourage and promote provision of continuous and equitable water supply and universal sanitation in urban India. The Awards Programme is unprecedented in scale and scope, being open to around 4500 urban local governments/service delivery agencies across the country. The Awards Programme which is conducted jointly by the Administrative Staff College of India and the Ministry of Urban Development, Government of India.

The winners of the Awards are determined through a competitive and independent evaluation process including field validation and face to face presentations by the applicants. The Awards Programme was conceptualized based on the appreciation of the potential of learning from peers and knowledge exchange of context specific practice. The Awards have enhanced the profile of water and sanitation agenda nationally and evoked increasing response proving to be a real-time and dynamic showcase of achievements in the sector and inspiring other local governments to emulate the good practices learnt thus. Also, water and sanitation services are being more closely monitored and held accountable.

Geographical region(s):
AsiaScreening and Identification Process: Best Practices Award Finalist (2011 Category 2)

To recognize urban local governments for good performance in water and sanitation. Seven themes are the purpose for awards: (1) technical innovation; (2) financial reforms; (3) services to the poor; (4) citizen services and governance; (5) public private partnerships; (6) urban sanitation; and (7) communication and awareness generation.

Technologies and Techniques Implemented:
Competitive and independent evaluation process; field validation; face to face presentations by applicants; measurement of quantitative and qualitative progress made by water and sanitation service delivery agencies

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