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Andhra Pradesh Community Based Tank Management Project (APCBTMP)

Brief description:

The Participatory Groundwater Management (PGM) component of Andhra Pradesh Community Based Tank Management Project was designed in response to the urgent need to upscale experiences and lessons learnt from projects that demonstrated farmers can be successfully involved in groundwater management. In an effort to mainstream PGM the project also intended to redefine the role of the State Ground Water Department from being a monitoring agency into a groundwater management agency promoting stakeholder participation.

Geographical region(s):


Screening and Identification Process:
Best Practices Award Finalist (2014 Category 1)

To create social benefits through promoting equity among users; to empower groundwater users in the tank influence zone to wisely manage their dynamic groundwater resources; and to also empower a gender balanced workforce through training.

Technologies and Techniques Implemented:
Stakeholder participation; implementing lessons learnt from previous projects

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