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Best practices on Green economy

Capacity development in the Arab Region: The role of ACWUA in promoting the exchange of experiences and expertise

Empresas Públicas de Medellín (EPM)

FONAG – The Fund for the Protection of Water, Ecuador

Gabinete Específico del Agua de la Presidencia de la República de Guatemala, mecanismo para definir, coordinar y dar seguimiento a la política pública del agua, su estrategia, programas, acciones y presupuesto

Green economy practices of the Three Gorges Project

Greening (ecologización) the economic regulation for the provision of drinking water and sanitation services in Peru

Hydropower for the green economy: a new approach to capacity building and sustainable resource development

Improvement of water supply through a GIS-based monitoring and control system for water loss reduction

Industrial wastewater reclamation technology for urban irrigation

Israel: Water pricing and command and control for water demand management in cities and agriculture

Lake Naivasha PES project

Output-based Aid: extending water and sanitation to the poor in peri-urban Morocco

Payment for Forest Ecosystem Services (PFES): pilot implementation in Lam Dong Province, Vietnam

Private water utilities in the Philippines: Maynilad water district

Programa de Inversiones Intensivas en Empleo (PIIE)

Reform of the urban water supply and sanitation sector in Yemen

Rewards for watershed services in Sumberjaya, Indonesia

Social contract formulas in rural areas: the India Naandi Foundation water treatment plants

Subsidies for water infrastructure as an engine of growth in South Africa

The Four Major River Restoration Project